The Female lead was different this time, But Still the Screenplay Writers Decided to Go with the same Script. 

                         And Talaq-Talaq-Talaq he Said-

Walls of the Mansion Witnessed the Same Lament For the Third Time in Three Years.

Aekam Dhillon.

April 28, 2017

Struggle:An Untold Story.

She Was his Moonlight,

Her Sunshine he Was.

Their Feeling were Firm,

So was their love.

In different Time Zones They Met

Dawn for him

For her Twilight it was.

Distance was there,

So were the Priorities.

Still their Fountain of love

Never kissed the drought.

Years Passed And One Day:

You Guy’s still Together- Someone asked

The Pillar of our Love is Strong Enough To Bear The Corrosion of Distance And Time -they replied

  ISHMEET SINGH      (CONTENT)                                                    Aekam Dhillon (EDITED)

April 27, 2017



Their Meeting was Moirai,

But The life ahead was Their Pick.

Clutched by the Circus of the modern era,

They chose to Rose up for Cachet.

Wrecking the Intellect of many,

They Hauled the Society To Lift.

Wet in RED,

They Stood Up With DAWNING SUN.

Amble Passed the SUNFLOWER FIELDS,


Under shade of the BLUE “SKY“.

To Scent the LAVENDERS.

A Statement was made:

“Love Was Not Meant to be Strangled in the gender race”.


APRIL 26,2017





Love was always there,

But Their Ego and Suspicion made them Fall Apart.

Their Milieu made them Lie,

When Truth was Paramount.

Trusting Issues and Fights were Like ClockWork

Dawning from Delusion.

As a Denouement The Plank of their Infatuation which could have Sailed across the oceans,

Drowned Deep In the “Hadal  Zone”

A Love Story In the Making Climaxed With a Question

“Was It My Fault?”

And Concluded With the acceptance


Aekam Dhillon

April 25, 2017


AN Unforgettable ERA.

“I AM LEAVING he said

In a Spirited Voice.

Please Don’t Leave”. She Exclaimed.

“The War is On” She Wailed out loud, Hugging him tightly.

I have to go, But I will be back soon he Enumerated.

And Left With A promise to Return With PEACE.”

Narrated a CRUSHED paper on the blood stained floor, the story of broken hearts and lost lives after WAR.” 


Aekam Dhillon

APRIL 18,2017


11 A.m.[45 Minutes of fear…]

In the land of fortunes the clouds of darkness emerged,

It’s 11 am the clocks shouted loudly in fear.

It was Hour of the devil.

A Havoc in a silence was about to begin, A replica to the Syrian norm.

Escaping was not an option for Cowards, Bravery Ranked up with the “Bath Salt”.

With assembled foots of a Tortoise Enters the Devil, Fading the Wave of happiness (the only source of knowledge for them).

Left with no Knowledge of right or wrong the creatures are forced down in the pits of darkness and fear.

With Death being the Ultimate Outcome of slavery and bravery.

Its “the time” the clocks shout outs loudly accompanied by the ringing bells, The Hour of Devil was about to end.

The wave of Happiness was ripe, Still the fear of “Tomorrow” haunted them in silence. Shattering them with pain.

Suddenly Splinter the Silence, Roar of the warriors is heard.

Emerging out from the pits of fear they are ready to face the Devil out their.

No.-80 a fairy shouts, With the last standing warrior killed on the ground.

Yet another day and The Devil exits the land of fortune in the mist of day.


APRIL 17, 2017