1. A Young Boy While Observing His Quilt Suddenly Realised-
    “Your Obscure Potential Can Be More Gratifying Than What You Have Fancied.”
    And Fell In Love With His Pen For Rest Of The Life.
  2. A Young Girl Became A Leader
    When She Realised “The Importance Of Binding The People Together.”
  3. A Young Business Tycoon Was Ready With His Ideas
    After He Realised “The Importance Of Using Resources And Powers To His Own Benefit.”

    Aekam Dhillon

Mon Mere……………………..

Humans Are Hooked With Each Other Through Special Bonds. One Such Bond Is Between A Mother And Her Son. “Mother” Can Be A Normal Word For Some But For Many She Is Their Complete World….

Bearing The Pain For 9 Months,
Just To Bring Me to Life.
I Was In Her Debt Before I Was Even Born.
Her Impeccable Enactment In The Role Of A Teacher And A Friend
Were at A Level Beyond Wits.
She Was The Unsung Hero Behind Every Success Of Mine.
Though She Suffered Diatribes For Every Mistake I Made
Still She Never Complained.
Her Love For Me Was Like A Diamond
Which Still Shines Bright And Will Continue For The Rest Of My Life.

One Can Never Pay Debt Of His/Her Mother With Expensive Gifts And Luxuries,
And Now Matter How Effective And Powerful Word Are They Cannot Over Shadow Her Unconditional Love For Her Child.

Aekam Dhillon.
May 14,2017.

Can I Chose My Hobby As A Profession?

As He Dare To Walk Alone In Murk,
The Society Started To Averse His Decision.
Before His Ideas Could Refashion The Trends Of Society,
He Was Indoctrinated With A Set Of Fads.
With His Family Backstabbing His Dreams,
An Impeccable Re-Enactment Of Julius Caesar
Was Presented.
Splintered At Last.
He Gave Up On His Dreams.
His Family Was Happy So Was His Milieu,  
But A Humpback Anglerfish Was Trapped
In The Mesopelagic Zone For The Rest Of Life

Aekam Dhillon
May 13,2017

God For One??

“God Is One” They Preach.

“Our God Is Nonpareil” They Teach. 

“My Religion Is Ace” Is What We Learn.

“1980 Moradabad riots, 1983 Nellie massacre, 1984 Punjab, 2002 Gujarat Violence” Are Precedents Of What We Do. 

We Are Fighting A Continuous Battle To Prove The Supremacy Of our Religion

Coz of which We Have Breached “The Knowledge of Humanity” That Every Religion Teaches.

Ishmeet Singh & Aekam Dhillon
May 10,2017

Nano Tale-5

Dear God,
            Please Don’t Make People break Promises and Hearts. Coz Then My Clothes Get wet. I get squeezed Tightly.

-A Pillow


Naitik Sutaria




Nano Tale-3


I Apologize for the Rude Behaviour that Day. But You Know I am A Big Man Now, I have my Own Priorities to deal with so you should not feel Sad. Always remember I am Your Friend And I care for you.
By the Way Can You Please Stop Tagging me in memes its embarrassing.
And It Would be Good If You Text Me little Less.

Thank you

Yours Truly

B.F.F (A Best Friend Who Became Friend A While Ago)  


Aekam Dhillon

May 5, 2017